Young Professionals

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Service Description

If you're a young professional, I know you've spent 3-5 (or more!) years learning your trade, acclimating to the workforce (and your new employer), and started your bank accounts, bill payment strategies, and savings plans. What you probably don't even have time for is all the leg-work that goes into buying that first home. I know how it is when you're ready to take a huge adulting step ...and the myriad of tasks to get started just lead to overwhelm and procrastination. When you're one of my clients purchasing a home in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV, I am not only your professional real estate advisor, I will also be your personal assistant with everything "house" - before, during, and after the move. Single adults need more than just an agent to sell them a house. I've got you. You've earned great service and I can provide it.

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