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Experience You Can Trust

I purposefully work with only 1 - 2 clients at a time.
You get my personal attention as well as the heartfelt attention of my favorite service partners (movers, cleaners, lenders, home inspectors, repair team, etc...).
Your trust & complete delight with our care is my goal.


Real Estate Guidance

Staging & Selling

As you prepare to buy or sell your home, my sweet method of getting you to the finish line with your real estate dreams is my Super Power!

Tell me what you know & what you need, and we'll go from there!

When you're a solo buyer or seller, *everything* is YOUR decision. "Sometimes its'a good &       
sometimes its'a sh__..."

Work with me! I get you. And I've got you. Every step of the way.

If you need to sell your home, my white-glove service includes help with packing, staging, cleaning, & marketing ... perfect for busy Singles!

Contact me to discuss how & when you'd like sell it!

My Services

  • A personalized step-by-step path to your home purchase!
  • Meet your partner-in-crime! Let's go!!
  • Like parenting alone isn't hard enough! I can help w the house part.
  • Need a new place? Need to sell the marital home? I've got you both!
  • As long or slow as you want. All the answers & contacts you need.
  • Your house. Your style. ...Re-imagined! w some Feng Shui here & there.

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How can I help?

Email:  /  Tel: 702 637 4559  

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